ON TREND: Shagreen

Having just come back from High Point Market, where every big name in furniture and decor showcases their new lines, I can say with confidence that Shagreen is in, and trending in a big way.

The rough, granular skin finish is coating everything from tables, to mirrors, to trays and lamps. Some of my favorite vendors like Made Goods, Interlude Home, and even West Elm have jumped on the trend, and their applications of Shagreen do not disappoint!

The texture is most commonly seen in neutrals and cooler tones, and often paired with sleek materials like metals or acrylic which provide contemporary contrast. Shagreen is subtle enough that it works across styles, and adds just the right amount of interest to an otherwise simple piece. Check out my favorite shagreen products below, and don't hesitate to hop on this trend, which, if it were up to me, isn't going anywhere anytime soon.


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