MIXOLOGY: The Pillow Edition

I am coping with a serious pillow addiction. I have pillows stuffed under my bed, behind my sofa, and in the darkest corners of my closet because I CANNOT stop myself from purchasing these beautiful little monsters. They are a low price for a high impact decorating statement, and are just too damn fun. As I write this I am staring at the TWELVE pillows littering my living room. 

I'm telling myself it's all for research though...so that I can give you guidance on how to mix and match pillows with confidence. Ahem. My three rules of thumb for mixing pillows are all about pattern, color, and texture. 

PATTERN: With pattern, it's all about mixing scales of pattern and using both geometric and organic shapes. The wide stripe and geometric diamond patterns below work well with the small scale chevron in front of them since the scales of the pattern are so different. The black and white solid pillows act as a bit of relief from pattern, and then the boldest, most organic pattern is placed in front. 

pillows via society social


COLOR: Similarly below, I've combined organic and geometric with large and small scale patterns to create a cohesive mix, but the star here is color. When working with a lot of color, it helps to add symmetry, and break up bold colors with solids and a bit of white. These colors work well because the teals and pink alternate, with the middle pillow unifying the colors throughout the scheme. 

pillows via arianna belle


TEXTURE: My absolute favorite way to mix pillows is to use texture. Texture here acts as a pattern itself, and my rules for mixing in solids and small and larger scale patterns still apply. I've alternated the shaggiest pillows so they are relieved with less texture in between them, and unified the scheme by keeping the color palette minimal. 

pillows via anthropologie

Happy mixing!