Tips to Upgrade your Rental

Just because you rent, doesn't mean you need to sacrifice style! Upgrading your rental is all about getting creative and making small tweaks that make a big impact (but won't result in losing your security deposit). Here are my top four tips to take your rental from bad to rad.

1. Paint! So many rental units come with a sad off-white/beige paint job that is used because it can hide dirt. Painting your rental a fresh coat of bright white works with any style and is the perfect backdrop to art. It's also a color that your landlord will likely be okay with since it's a neutral that won't require you to re-paint before moving out.  

2. Replace plastic blinds with shades or curtains. Stash away those cheap plastic blinds in the back of your closet until it’s time to move out. A custom roman shade or curtains that frame your windows will make your place feel much more like home.

3. Decorate your kitchen! Rental kitchens are often out of date and in need of a major facelift. As a renter, you can’t do much in terms of remodeling work, but changing out cabinet hardware, adding art, and displaying beautiful serverware can go a long way to elevate a rental kitchen. 

4. Don’t forget about the bathroom. Like the kitchen, rental bathrooms need some love too. Opt for a more traditional rug, like a Kilim or Persian rug, in lieu of a bath mat, use decorative bowls and mugs to display q-tips, cotton balls, or for holding makeup, and don’t forget the art…I love a gallery wall in a bathroom!