DIY IKEA HACK: marbled nightstands

I have a love-hate relationship with DIY projects. I love a bargain, and that strong sense of accomplishment that comes with crushing home projects, but I am impatient and a bit careless when it comes to tasks that rely on fine motor skills.

When it was time to buy nightstands, the only options I liked were upwards of $500, and I just couldn't bare to shell out that kind of cash when so many beautiful DIYs were clogging my pinterest feed. I thought, how hard can it be?


Enter IKEA, and the beautiful Paper Mojo marbled paper, which I had been eyeing at Blick Arts for quite some time. I've seen this paper used as wallpaper, and even as framed art (a much easier DIY I have also tried, I might add), but I couldn't help but wonder how it might look as a drawer finish. Here is what you'll need to DIY these marbled nightstands (plus tunes and patience). 

1. IKEA rast 3 drawer chest - I used two for a symmetrical look. Assemble and sand these before applying paint. At $35 a piece, you really can't beat this price. Also, after building these, you'll feel like an expert carpenter that knows everything about how drawers work (IKEA assembly is so rewarding).

2. High gloss white paint - Paint frame AND drawers white (the white on the drawers helps since the paper is a bit transparent when the Mod Podge goes on - having that light coat underneath makes the pattern pop). 

3. Paper Mojo marbled paper - Lots of great paper options to choose from here. I went with the black/white/gray/gold marbled paper because it was big enough to cover the width of the drawers (tucked around the edges), and I wanted a neutral, organic pattern with a hint of glam.

4. Mod Podge - I was hesitant to try this as I wasn't sure how well a craft-focused product would hold up on a heavily used piece of furniture, but I applied a few coats (to be safe) on top of the paper with a flat sponge brush, and the drawers have held up surprisingly well - no tears or scratches yet. 

5. Brass knobs - I was trying to keep this project cheap, but in retrospect, I do wish I had splurged for some brass ring pulls or something a bit more substantial. 

Overall, this was a fairly easy DIY that resulted in a high-end look at a fraction of the cost.